Here is a small sample of the feedback we have received from our clients, all of which is on record for you to see should you wish.

Excel Foundation – Trained on behalf of IOM College

 Tutor very knowledgeable & approachable. Just right amount of info for one day. The course was really good and well delivered.

Having blundered along, this course has been an eye opener. I would have struggled without it. Very clear and patient instruction. “Absolutely fit for purpose”
Andy Kneen.

Excel intermediate – Trained on behalf of IOM College

Really enjoyed the course. Went in knowing the bare minimum about Excel and came out with many questions answered and a LOT of useful new knowledge / tools that will have practical application in my job. Tutor helpful and approachable, and course was paced well over the day.

Shem is excellent, good listener & explains content very clearly, to everyone’s level of understanding Excel. Really enjoyed the course, content on count and look up functions very useful & relevant. Learned lots of new shortcuts. I would like to learn a few more functions (advanced).

Excel Advanced – Trained on behalf of IOM College

Enjoyed course. More motivated to try new spreadsheets. Great handouts and support. Leant a way of doing all sorts, not just doing formulas. Great course, great tutor.

Whole course was very useful and informative.

Very useful and well organised. Learnt a lot of Excel shortcuts and formulas

Microsoft Publisher course – Delivered for The Isle of Man College

Very good subject knowledge and delivery. Shortcut keys particularly useful. It was good to have time to play and the second part of the course will be extremely useful to my job. Excellent teacher – knows her subject well and her delivery suits my learning style.

Microsoft Access course – Sample feedback from course delivered to a local company

I wanted an overview of the basics and the course content was just what I asked for and pitched just right. Shem is patient and did not use jargon. Content very relevant. Handouts very good.

Computer skills (Custom course for a farmer)

Very relevant course. It covered much more than I ever thought I could take in. It was very helpful. I found Shem particularly kind which helped my nerves. I am now confident, can do the farm accounts on the computer and buy things online. I bought a large item of farm equipment recently without help! I’m now confident with e-mail too. Oh and thanks for the information about DED and the grant – IT WAS A BIG HELP! Thank you so much.

12 week computer skills update – custom course

One to one is the way to go. I learnt so much and precisely what I wanted. Really enjoyed the course. Shem is easy to talk to, helpful and patient! I will be going back for more courses at some stage.

Introduction to using a laptop – custom course

I’m a 79 year old man who wanted to know how to use my laptop. Dealing with a computer illiterate, Shem was dedicated and patient. I enjoyed the course and would like to do a refresher sometime in the future.
Mr J F C

Introduction to computers for business

Thank you for making my job and life so much easier and getting me more confident with my work. Your training has opened so many opportunities for me at work and I shall always remember your great support and professional help. I have completed my NVQ level 4 management and integrated Leadership for Operational Mangers since then. Many, Many thanks.
Thank you for all your e-mail help, telephone calls and cups of tea and biscuits!
Mr F C

Introduction to computers for absolute beginners

I wanted to get you a card with an angel on it (as it is Christmas), as that is what you are to me. I’ve got so much to thank you for. Since I met you my life has changed. I feel much more confident in many ways thanks to you. I would never have thought of doing a computer course, but I’m so glad I’m doing it. I’m really enjoying it. Thank you Shem. Merry Christmas. P.s. Thank you for chasing the funding too.
Mrs L M

Introduction to computers for absolute beginner

Very good course and I would like to follow it up with another at a later date. Perfect – and the one to one course I took helped me with my confidence. I went from a very nervous green student to a happy and comfortable and competent student.
Mrs S Faragher

Computer skills for work – back to employment

Much more understandable than my college course and really enjoyed learning this way. Made me feel a lot more confident with myself.
Mrs S B

Computer skills for tradesman

Liked the way I could choose the course content. Handouts very good. Would definitely recommend to colleagues, friends and family.
Mr D C

Excel Introduction course

Very good course, lots of good information. Trainer very good and took time and explained all info. Would recommend – a good day.
Client trained on behalf of OSA

Excel Foundation course

Very relevant course content. Shem explained everything beautifully and went over areas again when asked. Very good delivery. Right amount of breaks and not constant cramming. A lot of work actually been done by ourselves very helpful. Would definitely recommend this course.
Client trained on behalf of OSA

PowerPoint Foundation course

Very relevant course content. Very good delivery. Perfect pitch. Everything covered. Very good handouts. Would definitely recommend.
Client trained on behalf of OSA

Excel custom course

The overall content of this course was very relevant to our needs, and the delivery was excellent. We have learnt a lot. Would we recomend this course to our colleagues? Definitely!
The Marketing Dept, Moss Plastic parts.

Excel for administration staff

Everything was explained in clear terms – at different levels which is great. We will be in touch regarding our next session and content.
Mrs C.W. Swalcliffe Park School.

As always – great! Shame I’m such an idiot with figures! Really good training. I do enjoy the sessions. It just needs practice.
J.M. Swalcliffe Park School.

Introduction to Outlook Express

Very good approach to all skill levels of pupils. Explains all aspects well. All my expectations were met and exceeded.
Mr I.P. (C/o Nortec Training, Banbury)

Mail merge, envelopes & labels

I only wish someone had sent me on this course a year ago. It will have paid for itself within a month in the time I will save myself. Super tutor, Friendly, helpful.
Mrs C. L. (C/o Nortec Training, Banbury)

Introduction to Excel

Excellent tutor. Very well explained. Excellent course. The tutor took time to explain things and go over things when necessary.
Mrs A.T. (C/o Nortec Training, Banbury)


Excellent teacher – good pace, calm, positive feedback. Demonstrated skills well with explanation then time to practice.
Helen Brody.

Custom course for Reprographics staff

Very useful. I liked the varied content. I liked the way the content was delivered in a relaxed, cheerful and professional way. I didn’t feel intimidated and found it very easy to ask questions.
Mrs I.C. Banbury School

One to one private tuition to a family

I have learnt more from Shem in two months than I could have learnt by myself in two years. She has also given me the confidence to have a go at almost anything because I know I can call for support and advice at any time. She provides an invaluable service and I cannot recommend her highly enough. My 3 children attend the Little Monsters Computer Club on Saturday mornings. Within about 2 sessions they had already overtaken most of the children in their class, even those who had computers at home for years. The children love attending, even though they are pushed as far as their potential will let them. It is not all games but they enjoy what they are doing because it is taught in a way that is not boring – even for a 7 year old boy with a low boredom threshold!
Mrs L Pharis & family, Middle Barton

One to one tuition for a lady with dyslexia

Shem was very quick to assess my problem with dyslexia and was most helpful. She spent extra time and a lot of patience with me, for which I shall always be grateful. She has exceptional talent not only in computers but also with people.
Mrs T Bulford-Cooper, Oxfordshire.

Introduction to Windows and Word

Pitched at just the right level and Shem showed such patience!! More, more, more.
Alison Poppiatt, Swalcliffe Park School.

Very supportive, makes me feel I can really do it!
Katie Rowe, Swalcliffe Park School.

Introduction to Publisher for Primary School teachers

Good pace, very interesting, individual help where needed. I will recommend to my colleagues.
Ms J. C.

File & disk management course

The training was very thorough with plenty of time for practice. We hope to develop this course further with Shem’s help. Shem is an excellent tutor.
Mrs Carol Norbrega, Call Centre Manager, Moss Plastic Parts.

The training was made easy to understand. Explained in English and not a lot of technical jargon.
Mr M.H. Moss Plastic Parts.

Found this course very useful not only for work but also for home PC use.
Gary. Moss Plastic Parts.

From Community Education courses

Beginners course

Thank you so much for your two terms of patience! I know I still have a lot to learn but I am now confident with the Internet and get a lot of pleasure from it. It has exceeded my expectations. I hope to be with you again next term.
Mrs M.W. age 86

As a complete beginner I was pleased to be introduced to many aspects of computer use. Our tutor was very clear in her instruction. We were a mixed group and taught in groups of the same level. I think it was a very good introductory course.
Ms A.S.

I enjoyed the course and now look forward to having a go at New CLAIT.
Ms C.R.

I knew nothing when I first started but now I feel I have learnt what I set out to achieve.The course was very enjoyable. Shem was excellent as I knew nothing. Couldn’t even turn the computer on. I shall hopefully do another course.
Mrs S.C.

I’m very glad I did the course and feel pleased with myself so I am doing New CLAIT next.
Mrs D.C.

Easy to follow and very patient teacher. I enjoyed it very much and it was just what I needed to get started.
Mr G.J. age 85 (Thornton Le Dale)

Computer skills to support the use of digital cameras
Good course moving on from the basics – varying skills shown in clear and concise manner. I enjoyed the course and have learnt lots of new things.
Mr E.S. (Kirkbymoorside)

A very good course. I want to do desk top publishing next.
Mrs H. P. (Pickering)

Very well put together content. Full of new skills for me. The trainer was excellent. I want to learn more on desk top publishing next.
Ms G. D.

From Bite Size courses

Introduction to the Internet

So much less scary than I thought it would be. I’ll be back!
Mr B.D.(Kirkbymoorside)

A brilliant teacher. The course could not have been improved.
Mrs J. L. (Kirkbymoorside)